First Available Kitten List Frequently Asked Questions

We have had several inquiries as to whether we would be willing to offer an option to people who don't care about the gender, color or hair length of the kitten they adopt.  After much consideration, we have decided to offer the First Available Kitten List.
This list will be kept independently from the regular Kitten Waiting List and will work as follows:
When a litter of kittens is born, we will check to see if any kittens match the specifications that people are looking for on the waiting list. Which ever kittens do NOT match, will be divided equally, with half being on the regular Kitten Waiting list for those who don't care about gender, etc. The other half will become part of the First Available Kitten List. 

We will then send photos and descriptions to the first person on the First Available Kitten List and let them choose which kitten they want. We will repeat the process with the next person on the list and the remaining kittens until all of the kittens from that litter are reserved. If we get to your name and for any reason you don't like the kitten, we will leave your name in it's position on the list and essentially "skip" you so that we can find the kitten a home. Once the next litter is born and the new First Available Kitten List is created, we will email you with the photos and descriptions of the new kittens. You will then have the option of adopting one of those kittens or waiting for the next litter. 

Prices for these kittens will be slightly higher since the wait time will be significantly reduced, and the First Available Kitten List is entirely optional. You can still be on the regular Kitten Waiting List if you have no preference on gender, color or hair length. The only difference will be the wait time. 

To help give you an idea on the current wait times, the regular Kitten Waiting List has a wait time of 9-12 months (will probably be going up to 12-18 months very soon due to the amount of people we are adding to the list every day). 
The First Available Kitten List currently has a wait time of about 5 -6 months (this is due to the fact that kitten season doesn't start back up again until about March, with the first kittens being born in May and ready for their new homes in July at the earliest).  Once breeding season is in full swing, the wait time for the First Available Kitten List will be even shorter, while the regular Kitten Waiting List grows each and every day.

Now for the part that I'm sure you are wondering about. The difference in price. We have thought long and hard about this and taken some customer feedback on it as well. We have decided upon the following prices:

Regular Kitten Waiting List                         First Available Kitten List
Standard Breeder Kitten $850                   Standard Breeder Kitten $1,000
Standard Pet Kitten $550                            Standard Pet Kitten $700
NonStandard Breeder Kitten $450            NonStandard Breeder Kitten $550
NonStandard Pet Kitten $150                     NonStandard Pet Kitten $200

We have also decided to start posting each litter on the website as they are born and during their time with us before they go to their new homes, as opposed to only sending emails to the adopting families as we have done in the past.  Not only will visitors to our website be able to enjoy all the kitten cuteness, but they will be able to see exactly which kittens are on our regular Kitten Waiting List and which ones are on our new First Available Kitten List.  
If you are currently on our regular Kitten Waiting List and would like to sign up for the new First Available Kitten List instead, please let us know and we will be happy to convert you to the new list in our system.

If you have any questions about either of the waiting lists, please let us know and we will answer them asap!