About Us

We happened upon the Munchkin breed quite by accident one day as we were looking at random pictures of kittens on the internet. When I saw those tiny legs and fuzzy kitten faces, I was hooked! It took over two years, but we finally got our first Munchkin and it has been an amazing and joyous experience. He was just a little bitty thing (infact, that's how our Cattery got it's name). We love him to pieces and are so excited to be able to share his amazing decendants with you.
We breed for quality, not quantity.
We are not trying to get rich selling kittens. Anyone who currently owns a cat or has owned one in the past knows that raising a kitten is no cheap endeavor. There are the daily expenses of quality food and litter, an endless amount of toys and accessories, and of course the vet bills for checkups and shots. But the love and affection you get in return is simply priceless. 


Adult Cats

We feed our Adult cats Purina One Indoor Advantage Adult dry food. 

Pregnant and Nursing Queens

We feed our queens Purina One Healthy Kitten dry food or Purina Pro Plan Kitten dry food.


We feed our kittens Purina One Healthy Kitten dry food or Purina Pro Plan Kitten dry food mixed with warm water.

Purina Points Website

You can earn cool stuff for your kittens just by buying Purina cat food!! Click the link below to sign up.



We vaccinate our kittens at 8 weeks, 12 week and 16 weeks (if they haven't been adopted yet). We give our adults booster shots once a year.


We worm our kittens at 8 weeks old, with a follow up dose one week later, and then a preventative dose every 4 weeks until they are adopted.

Healthy Weights

We keep our kittens on a feeding schedule and log their weight once a week to make sure they are at their ideal body weight.