Companion Kittens

Announcing new Companion Kittens!!!

A Munchkin kitten is a big investment.
You want to make sure that your new kitten is healthy, happy and well adjusted. 
Our Companion Kittens can help with that by giving your new Munchkin a life-long playmate and friend. 
Companion Kittens will also help your new Munchkin make the transition into their new home easier and less stressful. 

A Companion Kitten is a non-standard (long legs) Munchkin, usually from the same litter as the Munchkin you are adopting.  We usually charge $150 - $250 for these kittens, but we are happy to offer them as a Companion to your new standard Munchkin for just $25 - $45.
This awesome price is only good with the purchase of a Standard Munchkin and the Companion Kitten must go to their new home at the same time as the standard Munchkin.

Why the difference in price?
The $25 Companion Kitten comes with all of the same shots and wormings as your standard Munchkin. 
He or she will also be registered with the MRA.
The $45 Companion Kitten also comes microchipped.

If you want to get a Companion Kitten for your new Munchkin, or would like more information,
please fill out the form to the right.