Frequently Asked Questions

Q:  What is the difference between a Standard kitten and a Non-Standard kitten?
A:  Standard kittens have the short legs and Non-Standard kittens have the longer legs. They can be shorter than a "regular" kitten's legs but they can also be just as long as a "regular" kitten's legs.

Q: Do all Standard Munchkin kittens have the same size legs?
A:  Nope! Leg length does vary, even in Standard Munchkin kittens.  The shortest leg length is called a Rug-Hugger (our male Jackson has these smallest legs and they are pretty adorable!), the "medium" leg length is Super-Short and the longest leg length (which is still about half the length of a "regular" cat's legs) is called Standard. 

Q:  How does the waiting list work?
A:  Please see our Adoptions & Shipping page

Q:  How long is the waiting list?
A:  As of March 2018, the waiting list is closed until we get caught up a little bit.  Generally, it can range from 6-9 months but it can be as long as 12 months. If you would like to know how long the wait currently is, please email us and we will give you our best estimate.

Q:  Are your cats caged or do they roam freely?
A:  Our cats generally have free roam of the house (they don't go outside). We do have a breeding kennel (to help prevent unauthorized breeding) as well as maternity kennels (to keep new moms and kittens safe and together). We let moms out several times a day so that they can socialize and interact with the other cats, get excercise and get a break from the kittens. We used to use specially built "rooms" for this, however, since we expanded the breeding program by adding more females, we have to use large kennels instead.  The cats don't mind the kennels and will actually wait next to them and meow to get our attention when they want back in to be with their babies. 

Q:  How much are kittens?
A:  Standard Breeder Kittens are $1,100, Standard Pet Kittens are $700, Non-Standard Breeder Kittens are $550 Non-Standard Pet Kittens are $150, Companion Kittens (Non-Standard) $25 to $45

Q:  What is a Companion kitten and why do they have different prices?
A:  Please see our Companion Kittens page.

Q:  Do you ship? Deliver?
A:  Yes, we do. Please see our Adoption & Shipping page.

If you have any questions that aren't answered here, please send us a messaage and we will get back to you ASAP!!