Kitten Waiting Lists

If you would like to be added to either list, please fill out one of the forms below.
The Kitten Waiting List if for poeple who want a specific gender, color or hair length.
The First Available Kitten List is for people who have no preference and just want a kitten as soon as possible.
Adoption prices are slightly hight for the First Available Kitten List. For more information please click here.

Regular Kitten Waiting List                                                                First Available Kitten List
Standard Breeder Kitten $850                                                          Standard Breeder Kitten $1,000
Standard Pet Kitten $550                                                                   Standard Pet Kitten $700
NonStandard Breeder Kitten $450                                                  NonStandard Breeder Kitten $550
NonStandard Pet Kitten $150                                                            NonStandard Pet Kitten $200