Our Cats

Our cats

We currently have one male
Meowrice Jackson Alexander (Jackson) a short-haired orange tabby Standard Rug-Hugger Munchkin 

We only use Non-Standard females. This is a personal preference from past experiances. We feel that Non-Standard Munchkin females can carry a pregnancy easier due to their longer legs. This prevents their bellies dragging on the ground all the time, which can't be fun for the poor cats. 

Our females are:

Bryndalyn Clawdia (Bryndie or Butterfinger), a short-haired tortie non-standard Munchkin
Laylanna Tabbitha (Layla), a short-haired chocolate tabby point siamese non-standard Munchkin
Ziarah Marae (Zara), a short-haired orange and white non-standard Munchkin

We are proud to be registered with the Munchkin Registry of America.   Our cattery registration is renewed each year. 
All of our cats are registered breeding cats and all of our kittens go home registered as either Pet cats or Breeding cats, depending on the wishes of their new families. 
If you would like to see the registration paperwork for one or more of our cats, please let us know and we will be happy to provide that to you!