If you aren't within driving distance or are otherwise unable to pick up your kitten,
we will happily ship your kitten for you. 

Shipping Fees

We prefer to use Roadie to ship kittens. It is a door-to-door delivery service and we feel that it causes less stress to the kittens during their journey to their new home.
Shipping costs vary depending on location. To get an estimate of shipping costs, please visit  the  Roadie website.  We are located in Yakima, WA. Please use that as your starting location.
There is also an additional fee of $80 that includes a crate, bedding, litterbox, litter, harness, leash and food/water bowls for the journey. This additional fee is paid directly to us so that we can purchase these items for your kitten's trip home. All above mentioned items are yours to keep and do not need to be returned to us. 

We are always happy to use a different shipping method if that is your preference. Please just let us know.